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Biz & Co Law provide affordable Business Legal Services for SMEs. We have innovative legal business solutions for Small to Medium size businesses. Our corporate lawyers have right qualifications and years of experience dealing with Commercial and Corporate legal matters. 

We warmly welcome you to obtain our free membership and enjoy discounts and free unlimited consultations through out the year. Please contact us for further details.




We can help you become debt free:

  • You may right off 90% of your debt

  • Freeze all interest and Charges

  • Lower your monthly payments.

  • Our Debt Expert Lawyers have years of experience dealing with debt matters. Our lawyers are considerate and helpful towards client's objectives and their targets.



We provide expert business migration solutions to the overseas business.



Recovery or Insolvency: 

Our aim is to provide our clients a professional and best suitable advice to legally safeguarding their business. Our corporate and commercial lawyers have developed innovative solutions to deal with corporate Administration, Liquidation or Insolvency maters effectively.


Every business requires a suitable legal corporate Structure:

Whether you are a Sole Trader, Partnership, Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership. Your business should be run through a right legal frame work, in order to manage and develop without an obvious risk. We have right plan for you to run, manage and develop your business successfully.  

COs Buying & SELLING
Buying or Selling a Business requires an experienced lawyer:
We have carefully created solutions to buy or sell a business. We have vast experience in Assessment of Marketability, Preparation of Sale, Marketing, Negotiation Process, Acquisition Strategy, Due Diligence, Share Purchase, Business Transfer Agreement etc 


We Can Franchise Your Business and Develop it's Network:

If you are running a successful business and you believe that some one else can learn and run it successfully in another location. We can definitely franchise your business and develop it's network nationally as well as internationally. 

Our Business Solutions: Business plans - Company Strategy - Business Development - Finance & Planning - Marketing Strategy - Sales Strategy - Leads Generation - Cost Reduction - ROI - Operation Streamlining - Administration etc 


Our aim is to provide legal protection for your business. Bringing business legal awareness to your organisation, in order to create a mature and legally savvy organisational culture within your company. Our corporate lawyers help our clients to protect the value generated by their business practices, and minimise the risk to their businesses.


Business legal services can be expensive to afford for the small business owners, especially in their difficult financial situation. We have considerately designed our legal solutions for small business owners. Our state of the art membership scheme is unmatchable, which allows our clients permanent legal protection.  Our members can have unlimited free legal advice, access to legal documents, 20% discounts on all our services, also free management and growth training sessions. 

The crux of our vision is to create an alternative market in order to maximise your business potential growth, through our innovative legal protection and support solutions



"Mr. Shahid is a solid and very competent lawyer who always had my company's best interest in mind. He became a key part of our business and we owe a debt of gratitude to him for his service, especially when he assisted my partner and I in negotiating a five year commercial lease for my company's Knightsbridge head quarters"

Founder and Creative Director 

Gyunel Ltd, d,b,a Gyunel Couture 

30th November 2018

" We have been planning to start a business in the UK for the last two years, but couldn't find a company who would offer a complete solution of our family migrations. A friend recommended us the Biz & Co Law. On our first call we got satisfied answers to all our pending questions. We are not only happy to know an authoritative information but rather impressed by the quality of information received by Biz & Co lawyers." 


Mr & Mrs Ibrahim J Tamimi

15th October 2019. 

You can book a free 1 hour consultation with Mr. Shahid, our legal expert, who has experience over 20 years in Company and corporate law, Debt, Insolvency, Contract law, ...
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Biz & Co Law Ltd is a small team of lawyers, who specialise in SMEs Legal Solutions. We are committed to provide all our clients with utmost professional, high standard, personalised service consistently. Most our clients are entrepreneurs, so we aim to introduce a new positive trend by introducing our legal solutions blended with business management and growth.


We deeply understand the challenges small businesses face, due to various limitations and constraints. Our membership scheme is a unique right market solution for small to medium size businesses. Through this scheme we work very closely with businesses and try our best to make sure the business runs smoothly and successfully.


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